Ulysses 13

Ulysses 13 is Coming

Apply for the Beta Program

The next Ulysses version is in the works, and we’re looking for dedicated beta users to put the new features to the test. Thank you for your willingness to support us!

To apply for the beta program, please fill out the form below. Application closes April 20, 2018. Please note that the available beta spots are limited. If we receive more applications than we can handle, participants will be selected at random and notified via email. Please be patient here, as we will be gradually rolling out access over the coming weeks.

On which devices will you use the beta?
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In which of the forthcoming features are you most interested?
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Important Note:

The Ulysses beta accesses the same library as the released version of the app. If existing sheets are edited with the beta version, they may be updated to a new file format, making them unreadable for older Ulysses versions. To avoid data loss in any case we strongly suggest backing up your data before installing the Ulysses beta.