Ulysses 15

We’re currently beta testing the next Ulysses version. If you’re eager to help and get a sneak peek at Ulysses 15, feel free to sign up.

Currently in Beta

Ulysses 15 is our next major release. In addition to general stability and functionality improvements, beta testing focuses on the following new key features:

Sign Up for Testing

To sign up for the Ulysses 15 beta, please follow the link below and fill out the form. Please note that we add new participants in batches; it may therefore take a little while until you get the invitation.

To avoid data loss in any case, we strongly suggest backing up your data before installing the Ulysses beta.

The Ulysses beta accesses the same library as the released version of the app. If existing sheets are edited with the beta version, they may be updated to a new file format, making them unreadable for older Ulysses versions.

Please only sign up if you’re ready for this.

Ok, Sign Me Up!

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