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  • David Hewson Best-Selling Mystery Author

    Ulysses is the only app I know that combines a very minimalist writing interface with the backend power to manage and shuffle around the many different parts and scenes that go into a book.

  • Ashley Warren Content and Research Strategist

    My favorite feature is hands-down the word goal. I like seeing how close I am to my target word count without it being an intrusive counter.

  • Matt Oldfield Startup Founder

    Groups, keywords and filters keep my work organised. The rest of the app just lets me write, without getting wrapped up in the mechanics of it all.

  • Lauren Layne Contemporary Romance Author

    I knew from the very second I saw the screenshots that Ulysses was exactly what I was looking for: a way to write my books scene-by-scene, but in an uncluttered environment.

  • Matt Gemmell Writer of Action-Thriller Novels

    I love the focus of it; the lack of superfluous widgets and features. It’s minimalist in presentation, but there’s a great deal of depth there.

  • Tiffany R. White Web Developer and Tech Blogger

    The ability to publish to WordPress and Medium and add categories, tags, featured images, in Ulysses is the best implementation I’ve come across.

  • Bridgid Gallagher Fiction Writer and Blogger

    I love that I can manage all of my writing projects from one place. Ulysses has already changed my workflow and has helped me work more efficiently.

  • Neil Dixon Developer, Artist, and Writer

    My Ulysses content includes everything from one-line ideas and concepts, to sketch notes for new stories, to 50,000-word draft fiction pieces. I love how I can just throw anything in there.

  • E. Christopher Clark Author and Teacher of Creative Writing

    I love that I can type here in Markdown, the simplest of markup languages, and that from there I can export to any number of beautiful looking document types.

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