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As its name suggests, the Ulysses style exchange is an exchange platform. Ulysses users who have built their own export styles and editor themes can upload them here to share them with the community. Others who need an export style for a specific purpose, or an alternative to Ulysses built-in themes, can browse and download these creations.

Screenshot of the Ulysses Style Exchange

The first thing you see is when coming to the Ulysses Style Exchange is a selected style or theme as a header. Below you can browse the most popular and the most recent additions to the platform. The menu top right lets you switch between the available categories:

  • The formatting styles listed under PDF will work for PDF and DOCX export alike.
  • The available HTML export styles can also serve as preview styles to use with WordPress publishing.
  • Styles for formatting ebooks you’ll find under ePub.
  • Finally, there is Themes. Other than the above-mentioned export styles, themes let you define the colors of your editor and markup.

At the moment, you find more than 120 PDF/DOCX styles, around 20 of each HTML and ePub styles, and around 200 themes on the Ulysses Styles Exchange.

Downloading a Style

When you select a theme or a style, you’ll get on a detail page with a description, tags etc., and the option to download it. You can also rate a style or theme here, or share it via social media and email.

Screenshot of the “Blue Modern” style on the Ulysses Style Exchange

Tap or click Download, respectively. On iPad or iPhone, you’ll be prompted to open the file in Ulysses. On Mac, just double-click it in Finder to add it to Ulysses.

Screenshot of Ulysses’ Preferences showing the details of the newly added Blue Modern style

If it was a theme you downloaded, it will be instantly applied to your editor. If it is was a style, it will be appear on the list of available formatting styles when using the respective exporter.

Become a Creator

Did the browsing spark your inspiration, and you want to start creating styles and themes yourself? Excellent! 

Here is a detailed tutorial for building your own theme.

Creating Ulysses styles somewhat resembles creating CSS style sheets. If you’re unfamiliar with CSS at all, we suggest starting here with a few common tweaks for PDF/DOCX styles, to get a feel for it. The detailed documentation for Ulysses style sheets you’ll find here.

Uploading a Style or a Theme

Are you ready to share your creation with the world? You first need to create an account for the platform and log in.

Once you’re logged in, your user name will appear top right on the site. Click or tap it, and select Upload from the Drop-down menu. Now you can drag your file here, or click/tap to browse your folders to upload it.

This article was last updated on April 17, 2018.


Ulysses Style Exchange

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