Group Sorting

| By Rebekka

Writers use Ulysses’ groups to organize their projects and texts. Depending on the text type, the sheets inside a group should be arranged in a certain way. For instance, diarists will sort their sheets most likely by creation date. If you’re writing a novel or a thesis, being able to sort sheets manually is useful for organizing your contents. You can change the sort order of each group or filter separately.

On Mac

On Mac, you can change the sort order in two ways. If you want to change the sorting of a single group or filter, hover your mouse over the group in the sheet list, and you’ll find “Sort Manually” there.

Screenshot of Ulysses for Mac. A sheet list is visible and the “Sort Manually” button in the group header has been highlighted.

Click it, and you’ll see the sorting options for this group. You can sort the sheets of a group in the following ways:

  • Manually
  • By Title
  • By Modification Date
  • By Creation Date

For all sorting options (except manual sorting, of course), you can also reverse the sort order.

This approach only changes the sorting of the selected group. If you want to change the sorting of a group and its subgroups, right-click the group in the library column and use the menu “Sort” instead.

On iPhone or iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, you can also similarly sort your sheets. Open the sheet list, tap “Sorted” at the bottom and then select the appropriate sort option. 

Screenshot of Ulysses for iPhone. The “Sorted: By Date” button at the bottom of the sheet list has been tapped, revealing the Sorting settings “By Date”, “By Title” and “Manually”. Since “By Date” has been selected, there are also the following options visible: “Modification Date (checked)”, “Creation Date”, “Oldest First”, “Newest First (checked)”.

This will affect all groups shown in the sheet list. Alternatively, you can open the library column, swipe left on a group, open its settings and set the sorting from there.

You can set the sorting for each group separately. This sorting is then synced seamlessly across all your devices.

Display Dates in the Sheet List

In Ulysses, you can show the dates of a sheet in the sheet list. On Mac, you can enable this option using the menu “View › Sheet Preview › Dates”. On iOS, go to the library, open settings via the gear icon, select “View Options” and enable “Show Date”. By default, the modification date appears above each sheet. However, if you sort by creation date, this date is shown instead.

Screenshot of the sheet list of Ulysses for Mac. Above each sheet the creation date is visible. The date of the first sheet has been highlighted.

Filter by Creation or Modification Date

Finally, you can also filter by creation date or modification date. For instance, here’s a filter that contains all sheets created in the last seven days.

Screenshot of Ulysses for Mac. A filter called “Recent Sheets” is being edited. The filter consists of one condition: “Creation Date is newer than 7 Days”

This article was last updated June 25, 2018.

Group Sorting

Sort your sheets manually, by title, creation or modification date