1. Organization

    Keep your text library in order, and become a well-organized writer

  2. Goals

    Set word or character limits and deadlines to your texts, or pursue a daily writing goal

  3. Filters

    Narrow down your writings according to keywords, text occurrences, creation or modification dates

  4. Keywords

    Categorize your texts with keywords, and find them easily

  5. Group Icons

    Choose individual icons for your groups to spot them faster

  6. Mac Customization Guide

    Custom-tailor your own clean and focused writing environment

  7. Version History

    Restore an older version of your text with just a few clicks

  8. Text Statistics

    Check out Ulysses’ comprehensive statistics, and customize them to your needs

  9. Split, Merge, Glue

    Divide a long text into pieces, merge several sections into one, or glue parts together

  10. Automatic Backup

    Quickly restore sheets and groups from Ulysses’ automatic backup

  11. Quick Export

    Export your writings to many different formats, in next to no time

  12. Editor Theme

    Create your own color scheme for Ulysses’ editor

  13. Ulysses Style Exchange

    Browse a wide range of editor themes and export styles created by fellow Ulysses users

  14. DOCX/PDF Export

    Adjust a formatting style for DOCX and PDF export according to your needs

  15. Comments, Annotations, Notes

    Use these options to keep information at hand that’s not part of the text itself

  16. Keyboard Shortcuts

    Operate Ulysses without lifting your fingers from the keyboard

  17. Publish to Medium

    Upload your text as draft to your Medium account

  18. Publish to WordPress

    Publish your texts to WordPress blogs with just a few clicks or taps

  19. Smart Copy and Paste

    Improve your workflows involving different text formats

  20. Split View

    Display two Ulysses editors next to or on top of each other

  21. ePub Export

    Create, produce and distribute an ebook with Ulysses, iTunes Producer, and iBooks

  22. Live Preview

    Properly proofread your text in its output layout

  23. Favorites

    Mark important sheets as favorites and access them quickly

  24. Group Sorting

    Sort your sheets manually, by title, creation or modification date

  25. Quick Open

    Search your entire text library within seconds, and instantly open a sheet for editing

  26. Typewriter Mode

    Fix your current line vertically on the screen, and focus on the words you’re just writing

  27. Tabs

    Keep multiple sheets at reach, and switch quickly between them

  28. iOS Customization Guide

    Custom-tailor your iPad or iPhone writing environment, to best spark focus and productivity

  29. PDF/DOCX Styles

    Achieve suitable layout for your documents with Ulysses’ built-in formatting styles


    Improve navigation in sheets using bookmarks

  31. Dropbox

    Learn about how to sync your Ulysses writings with Dropbox and how this is different from using iCloud 

  32. Code Blocks

    Add code examples to technical documentation – with syntax highlighting for over 40 programming languages

  33. Import Into Ulysses

    Transfer you previous works from Apple Notes, Evernote, Bear, Microsoft Word and Scrivener.

  34. Writing Equations

    Use equations in Ulyssses with Pandoc and MathJax

  35. Add Citations to Your Texts: Reference Managers

    Reference managers help you organize your research material. Some let you add citations from within Ulysses.

  36. Share Extension

    Send links, texts, and images from Safari and many other apps directly to Ulysses.

  37. Images

    Learn all you need to know about embedding, attaching and exporting images

  38. Publish to Ghost

    Publish to your Ghost blogs from within Ulysses, quick and easy