2019 in Review

2020 is already a couple of weeks old – but not so old that we can’t take the opportunity to look back and reflect on what happened in 2019 and what we achieved with Ulysses.

Let’s start with some numbers. In total, we shipped 4 major and 9 minor updates last year. A major update is one that adds new features and improves the app’s functionality. A minor update includes mainly maintenance issues, such as the fixing of bugs and crashes, the solving of performance problems, and so on. According to our internal system, we’ve resolved 1,235 so-called tickets, whereby a ticket can be a bug or crash, a feature, a component of a feature, or even an internal process that needs improvement. In support, we handled 12,194 email conversations with customers and around 2,370 more via social media. Some of these were simple questions or feature requests; some required more effort, which included detailed technical discussions with the developers. Also, we sent out 11 newsletters, published 39 articles on our blog, 38 on Weibo and 15 on VK.

The Top Ten Features and Improvements in Ulysses 2019

With this in mind, we’d like to highlight what we believe are the top ten features we integrated into Ulysses in 2019 and how they can help improve your writing workflow. Those who want to know exactly in which version we added which feature: feel free to have a look at our detailed version history.

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The Modern Day Adventures of Ulysses

A Guest Post by Jeff Brownscheidle

Truth be told, I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. Homer, I most certainly am not. As an engineer, numbers have always come more easily to me than words. Safer. More predictable. Less apt to be used carelessly. Perhaps not surprisingly then, my relationship with writing has always been an uncomfortable one, which is how I know it’s somehow important, the science side of me like an orbit whose gravitational pull I’m trying to break free from.

Places like this are why I hike (and write)
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The Big Ulysses Surprise: Presents for Everyone

Friends of Ulysses, thanks for a wonderful year!

As a little surprise, on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we’ve brought you presents! Come and look: There’s something for everyone! Books for you bookworms, apps to let you work more productively, courses and online content that will help you learn new things! Read on and find the present that suits you best; find out below how to win. Here’s what we’ve got:

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Dark Mode or Light Mode? It’s Up to You!

Apple’s iOS 13 Dark Mode is convenient, as it lets you easily switch your entire iPad or iPhone from light to dark. If you want, you can let the system perform the appearance switch automatically: light until sunset, dark afterward. You can even set your own schedules to determine when to use light or dark mode on your device.

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Ulysses Now Speaks Dutch and Traditional Chinese

Ulysses has again learned two new languages: Dutch and Traditional Chinese! Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands and Flanders, a region of Belgium. Traditional Chinese is a writing system for the Chinese language used, most importantly, in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

If you’re already a Ulysses user and a native speaker of either one of these languages, you may wonder how to switch Ulysses to Dutch or Traditional Chinese. Let’s shed some light on this topic!

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Sync Your Writing With Dropbox

In Ulysses 18, we built in the option to save Ulysses files in external folders (on iOS only Dropbox). That means, you can now make use of Ulysses’ complete feature set when working with these folders: from embedded images to annotations, attachments, writing goals and features – you name it!

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“It Was Just Ulysses for Me. And so Far, Zero Regrets”

Strategist in the games business by day, science fiction author by night – Matt Casamassina is a co-founder of the legendary IGN.com, led the App Store games editorial team for almost a decade, and in addition to all that, helped found a games company. He has also published two novels and is married with three kids and two dogs. In our interview, Matt talks about his career, the difficulty of finding time for writing, and the unexpected link between games and novels.

Matt Cassamassina
Matt Casamassina

Please tell us something about you and your professional background.

I’m a writer, nerd, gamer. Big fan of science fiction, horror, and general fiction. Was raised on Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk. Fave video game of all-time is Metroid Prime. Been in the journalistic and now straight video game business for wayyy too long, but still loving every minute of it.

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Do More on Your iPad With Split View

The new Split View that Apple introduced with iPadOS allows users to view two app windows side by side. For Ulysses, Götz was in charge of the implementation. Read our interview to learn how to make best use of the new system feature.

Götz is a developer at Ulysses

Götz, you’ve added the new iPadOS Split View to Ulysses. Ulysses had its own split view feature before, where users could display two Ulysses editors next to each other. What’s better about the new Apple system feature?

The main advantage is that the new Split View allows creating entirely new Ulysses windows. With our custom split view, users were restricted to two windows (which were only shown in landscape orientation). With the new multitasking feature in iPadOS, users can create as many Ulysses windows as they want and not only show two Ulysses windows side-by-side, but also show these windows alongside other apps or as Slide Over windows.

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Augmented Text Editing on Mobile: The New iOS 13 Gestures

As Ulysses syncs your entire text library to all of your Apple devices, you can work anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone. Do you find text editing on mobile a little cumbersome? Then try out the following gestures Apple introduced with iOS 13 and change your mind ?

Change the Cursor Position

Tap and hold the cursor until the cursor symbol appears bigger. Then drag the cursor to its new position and let it go.

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Ulysses 18

We’ve just released Ulysses 18 to both the App Store and the Mac App Store. It is primarily a compatibility update to bring Ulysses up to speed with Apple’s recently released operating systems, namely iOS 13 and iPadOS. We’ve also added the ability to use Ulysses files in external folders, such as Dropbox. If you haven’t already, go grab the update, it’s free!

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