Release Notes

This is the overview of all past releases including fixes and improvements. For just the most notable changes, check out the latest feature additions

33.1 DECEMBER 5, 2023

  • Fixes a crash when updating library contents.
  • Fixes a delay when checking iCloud availability.

33 NOVEMBER 15, 2023


  • Reworked the new keyboard bar: iOS
    • Brought back the steppers (it was an experiment, it failed, science!).
    • Changed the button order to Block, Inline, Figure, More.
    • Re-added indent/outdent as well as “Clear Markup” actions.
    • Added “Find” to the More menu, so that it can be accessed while editing.
  • Changed how the “All”, “Last 7 Days” and “Favorites” filters work:
    • “All” now includes sheets from projects.
    • “Last 7 Days” now also includes sheets from projects.
    • “Favorites”, you guessed it, now ALSO includes Favorites from projects. 🙌
  • Reworked the visual appearance of the library on iPhone. iOS


  • Fixed a bug when sharing an image or PDF to Ulysses.
  • Fixed a bug where three periods were not automatically substituted by an ellipsis. iOS
  • Fixed a bug with opening projects via Quick Open on iPhone (it was neither quick, nor would they open). iOS
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a certain type and amount of text at the end of a sheet (don’t ask).
  • Fixed a number of other crashes.

32.3 iOS NOVEMBER 2, 2023

  • Fixed a hang when activating Ulysses through Setapp.
  • Fixed a crash when entering code blocks using external keyboard.

32.2 OCTOBER 20, 2023

  • Fixed mislabelled dashboard button in VoiceOver. iOS
  • Fixed a rare crash on app launch. iOS
  • Fixes problems while scrolling the editor on macOS 14. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when opening backups from Finder. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when editing tables. macOS

32.1 macOS SEPTEMBER 22, 2023


  • Added support for macOS Sonoma.


  • Fixed some issues with Chinese and Japanese inputs.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.

32.1 iOS SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

  • Fixed a crash while typing on the new keyboard bar.
  • Fixed a crash when writing in Chinese inside tables.

32 iOS SEPTEMBER 18, 2023


  • New keyboard bar.
  • Renamed and rearranged some Markup options.
  • Added frequently used characters for Code and Equations.


  • Added support for iOS 17.
  • Fixed some issues with Chinese and Japanese inputs.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.

31.1 macOS AUGUST 9, 2023

  • Fixed a few issues with navigating sheets using Quick Open.
  • Fixed accidentally disabling text substitutions in the editor.

31 JULY 31, 2023


  • Write equations using LaTeX.
  • Preview equations in the editor.
  • Export equations to PDF, DOCX, HTML, ePub and Markdown.
  • Publish equations to WordPress, Ghost and


  • You can now duplicate projects.
  • You can now archive projects.
  • You can even duplicate your archived projects.


  • Ulysses should launch a bit faster now, especially with large libraries and lots of projects.
  • Downloading lots of sheets from iCloud should also be much faster.
  • Some sync conflicts are now resolved automatically.
  • Pasting from Safari should be more reliable. iOS
  • Dynamic Type is now used in more places. iOS
  • Embedded PDFs are now included when exported to PDF. iOS
  • Embedded PDFs are no longer rasterized when exported to PDF. macOS
  • Integration with Aeon Timeline now includes support for projects and material sheets. macOS


  • The publishing status of sheets is no longer lost when moving sheets to a project.
  • Fixed an issue where erased projects would still appear in backups.
  • On future operating systems, Ulysses could hang for several minutes when being launched for the first time. Fixed for now, but it’s the future, so who knows…
  • Fixed a crash when running a shortcut that would create a new sheet in a sorted group (during full moon).
  • Fixed a crash when navigating tables using VoiceOver. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when pasting HTML content. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when searching in Quick Open. iOS
  • Fixed that thing where you could not select a default tag for Emphasize or Strong in Markdown XL. macOS
  • Fixed VoiceOver navigation of projects in the library. macOS
  • Fixed a number of other crashes.


  • This release removes the built-in TextExpander support. If you rely on TextExpander, please use their new TextExpander keyboard for iOS.

30.4 JUNE 29, 2023

  • Numerous small fixes and accessibility improvements to the new in-app store.

30.3 JUNE 1, 2023

  • This update ships a new interface for the in-app subscription screens.

30.2 iOS APRIL 24, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where applying for the student discount would not be possible.
  • Fixed a rare crash when switching between Ulysses and other apps.

30.1 APRIL 17, 2023

  • Fixed various crashes that occurred after closing a window. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when adding a sketch as an image attachment. iOS

30 APRIL 11, 2023


  • You can now add sketches to your texts; we support Apple Pencil, your finger, a Wiener, whatever works best for you. iOS
  • You can now also scribble on images and add annotations to PDFs.
  • You can now set colors for projects.
  • You can now also color the groups in Extras.
  • We have re-enabled Favorites in projects (heard ya).
  • You can now add Markup to captions (💪); this is true for both images and tables.
  • You can now sort table rows by the first character of each cell (aka alphabetically).
  • We have vastly improved Copy & Paste for tables; you can now copy between Ulysses and third party apps like Numbers, Notes and Excel.
  • And finally: We have added a couple of alternative app icons to choose from (late, we know).

Additional changes and bug fixes

  • We have significantly improved the performance of (large) tables.
  • This automatically fixed a crash when opening sheets with (very) large tables. iOS
  • We have also made improvements to project creation, deletion and VoiceOver navigation.
  • We fixed a bug where interface settings would be ignored when opening a new window. (Sorry!!) macOS
  • We improved the behavior when applying a comment block to selected text.
  • We then fixed how comment blocks would suddenly end after adding a new line.
  • Sharing a link from Firefox and Chrome should work again. macOS
  • We solved a strange issue with editing Footnotes, Annotations, etc.; this one would only occur after switching between sheets. macOS
  • We fixed a rare crash when creating projects. macOS
  • The cursor would sometimes jump to a position you definitely did not tap on — fixed. iOS
  • During dictation, the document would randomly start scrolling — fixed. iOS
  • We fixed issues with dismissing the onscreen keyboard on iPad. iOS
  • We then improved our support for external keyboards within the editor. iOS
  • We identified and fixed the issue where the icon selection for a newly created project would be ignored. iOS
  • Ditto for entering quotation marks in text filters. iOS
  • Ditto for projects not appearing in the library.
  • Ditto for a few other bugs and crashes.
  • Oh, and we modernized the look and feel here and there; most notably on iPhone when adding or editing Links, Footnotes, etc. iOS

29.4 FEBRUARY 12, 2023

  • Ulysses now warns you when it detects a recent double subscription.

29.3 FEBRUARY 9, 2023

  • Fixes a problem where subscriptions would not be correctly recognized for some people.

29.2 JANUARY 12, 2023

  • Ensured that projects can be created even though the Projects section is hidden. macOS
  • Fixed an issue where only one window would be restored when opening the app. macOS
  • Improved performance when exporting sheets with large amounts of images. macOS
  • Improved VoiceOver description on buttons in the Export window. macOS
  • Prevent Ulysses from getting stuck in a crash loop on startup. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new Project. macOS
  • Fixed a crash after launching Ulysses for the first time. macOS
  • Small improvements to the Traditional Chinese localization. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when switching between Ulysses and other apps. iOS

29.1 DECEMBER 21, 2022

  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a second window has been closed. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when creating a group within a project. iOS
  • Fixed a number of smaller crashes, for example when creating a goal or sharing a sheet under certain circumstances. macOS

29 DECEMBER 12, 2022


  • Projects only show what’s relevant to the project and hide everything else.
  • Projects feature dedicated content and extras sections (e.g. for chapters and research).
  • Manage your keywords separately for each project.
  • Projects keep their own export style, file format and preview.
  • The writing goal and deadline for a project are shown prominently in the sidebar.

Additional changes and bug fixes

  • If you are exporting a group, we will now honor its sorting order.
  • The “Focus Group” command is no longer available, as it is superseded by projects. iOS
  • We reworked the whole process of moving groups and sheets. Drag’n’drop finally works, so welcome to 2019… Ulysses. iOS
  • We hopefully fixed revision mode, which gave wrong suggestions when checking text with uppercased letters. iOS
  • We’ve updated the window toolbars, vastly improving interaction with the dashboard and revision mode. macOS
  • We also updated the way toolbars look and feel when using tabs and inside backups. macOS
  • We fixed the jumping editor text when using variable typewriter scrolling. (The “when variability goes too far” issue.) macOS
  • We fixed a missing Touch ID unlock prompt when waking up your Mac from sleep. (The “new phone, who dis” bug.) macOS
  • And we finally fixed the display of italic text in the editor when using certain fonts. (The “cursive means nothing to me” mishap.) macOS

28.1 NOVEMBER 7, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where links would be displayed incorrectly for some fonts.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the action menu for tables. iOS

28 OCTOBER 24, 2022


  • Support for macOS 13 Ventura, including improved sharing of sheets and support for adding images from Photos.
  • Support for iPadOS 16, including full support for Stage Manager.
  • Images inside paragraphs and tables now also show previews.
  • Revision mode will now check text inside tables.


  • Improved experience when pasting on iOS 16 with VoiceOver enabled. iOS
  • Various tweaks, so that editor search behaves as expected on iOS 16. iOS
  • Corrected an issue where text would no longer appear both bold and italic. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when navigating the library. iOS
  • Fixed a number of smaller crashes, for example when working with code blocks and numbered lists.

27.6 iOS SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

  • Minor bugfixes.

27.5 iOS SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

  • Fixed PDF images not being visible inside the text and dashboard.

27.4 iOS SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

  • Support for iOS 16, including improved Find & Replace within the editor.
  • Improved table cell selection when using a trackpad.
  • Fixed a crash when undoing code block creation.
  • Fixed a crash when removing image attachments.

27.3 AUGUST 12, 2022

  • Fixed a problem when using undo in external folders.
  • Improves compatibility with certain WordPress blogs.

27.2 JULY 20, 2022

  • Added a shortcut to delete table rows and columns using ⌘⌫
  • Improved table cell layout when using multi-stage input such as Pinyin.
  • Fixed handling of links and images inside tables when using Markdown files.
  • Improved working with tables when VoiceOver is active.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes for PDF/DOCX table export.
  • Improved overall stability when editing sheets.
  • Fixed a crash when searching sheet contents. macOS
  • Fixed a bug when stepping through search results. macOS
  • Browsing suggestions in revision mode should now work correctly again. iOS
  • Fixed a bug when moving typewriter highlights. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when double-tapping table cells. iOS
  • Improved mouse pointer support for tables. iOS

27.1 macOS JUNE 25, 2022

  • Fixed a regression where sheets created in prior versions could not be opened.
  • Resolved an issue where Dashboard could show wrong items or lose selection.
  • Fixed several crashes related to editing tables and working with multiple windows.

27.1 iOS JUNE 23, 2022

  • Fixed a crash when returning from another app on iPad
  • Fixed a crash when using multiple windows on iPad

27 JUNE 20, 2022


  • Tables
  • (tbl)
  • Ok, seriously: Tables! TABLES!!! It took some time, but Ulysses now features full table support on all devices. Create, edit, import, export, publish, you name it. Tables are easy to use and nice to look at. Like… really nice. Beautiful even. We believe this matters.
  • Just remember: || Don’t | use tables | when | a list will suffice ||


  • Quickly create tables in the editor
  • Set header rows and columns
  • Align columns left, right or center
  • Size columns to either stretch or fit
  • Merge cells horizontally (colspan)
  • Comfortably add, move or delete rows and columns
  • Add a caption
  • Import from DOCX (Word), HTML and Markdown
  • Export to PDF, DOCX (Word), HTML, ePub and Markdown
  • Publish to WordPress, Ghost and
  • Tables!!!!

Changes relating to tables

  • Filters now know about tables
  • The dashboard gained support for tables
  • Search & Replace now works with content inside of tables
  • ULSS now offers extensive styling for tables

Other changes

  • Markup in footnotes, annotations and notes now uses adequate styling (bold/italic) instead of tinted text iOS
  • The Markup Bar now offers much smarter suggestions macOS
  • We’ve renamed several items on the Markup Bar so they’re easier to read and understand (e.g. “List” instead of “Dashed List”, “Annotate” instead of “Annotation”) macOS
  • The Markup panel now works inside footnotes and annotations macOS
  • Markup in footnotes, annotations and notes now uses adequate styling (bold/italic) instead of tinted text macOS


  • Fixed several sign-in errors to WordPress (Rest-API hickups, sigh)
  • no longer exports height/width attributes on images
  • You may once again select your own preview style for (sorry)
  • Keywords on WordPress, Ghost and now ignore any case of casing (cAtEgOriEs)
  • Footnotes would not open when searching inside a sheet (oops) macOS

26 MAY 5, 2022


  • Modernized the WordPress integration using the WordPress REST API.
  • Optimized the flow for publishing blog posts.
  • Added a dedicated publishing menu/button and publishing preview.
  • Added a permanently visible counter in the editor. macOS


  • Fixed a crash when dragging a sheet from Mac to iPad using Universal Control.
  • Fixed a crash when sharing a sheet from Ulysses.
  • Fixed a potential delay when typing in the editor.
  • Fixed a rare crash on app launch.

25 FEBRUARY 7, 2022


  • For Ulysses’ editor, you can now choose fonts from third-party font apps installed on your device. iOS
  • The writing goal feature received a visual revamp. iOS
  • The Ulysses share extension now works better and has a new look. iOS
  • We also modernized the appearance of the library on iPhone. iOS
  • You can now run Shortcuts actions directly from the share menu in Ulysses. iOS
  • When using an external keyboard, you can now use the shortcuts ⌘+, ⌘- and ⌘0 to change the text size in the editor. iOS
  • The writing goal feature received a visual revamp. macOS
  • There’s now a new menu item to share Ulysses sheets and groups. macOS
  • Adding Ulysses sheets to Quick Notes now also works when using the “On My Mac” section. macOS


  • Fixed a crash when creating a material sheet using a Shortcuts action.
  • Fixed a crash when Ulysses was in the background. iOS
  • Improved robustness of adding Ulysses sheets to Quick Notes. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when replacing many search matches at once. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when adding a goal. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when opening the share extension. macOS

24.6 iOS JANUARY 10, 2022

  • Fixed a rare crash while typing in the editor.
  • Scrolling large groups is now smoother in the sheet list.

24.5 iOS DECEMBER 15, 2021

  • This update fixes scrolling issues in the editor when using an external keyboard.

24.3 OCTOBER 27, 2021

  • This update fixes a few stability issues that snuck into the previous version.

24.2 OCTOBER 25, 2021

The California-Here-We-Come Update


  • You can now link Ulysses sheets from the new Quick Note feature.
  • We improved publishing: You can now update previously published blog posts from within Ulysses.
  • We renamed some markup tags to improve clarity.
  • We added two new shortcut actions: inserting an image into a sheet and creating a material sheet.
  • Running Ulysses shortcut actions is now faster and more reliable.
  • We added the keyboard shortcut ⌘D to duplicate sheets or groups.
  • We grouped the shortcuts listed in the keyboard shortcuts view on iPadOS 15 for a better overview. iOS
  • We added support for working with x-callback identifiers in shortcut actions. iOS
  • We added two new keyboard shortcut ⌘⌫ to move a sheet or group to the trash. iOS
  • We brought our iOS integration with Apple’s Shortcuts app to Mac. macOS
  • There’s now a brand-new markup bar at the bottom of the editor. macOS
  • We improved the flow for unlocking Ulysses’ password protection with Touch ID or Apple Watch. macOS
  • Quick Look sheet previews in Finder and Spotlight now look much better. macOS


  • Fixed appearance of footnotes in ePub export preview in Dark Mode.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcuts for marking a sheet as a favorite to ⌃⌘U and showing the Favorites group to ⇧⌘U.
  • Fixed a crash when showing keyboard shortcuts in the editor. iOS
  • Fixed a number of crashes and user interface bugs. iOS

24.1 iOS SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

  • This update fixes the TextExpander integration plus a few stability issues that snuck into the previous version.

24 iOS SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Support for future systems (iPadOS only)

  • Export always opens in a new window.
  • Vastly improved feedback when navigating with an external keyboard.

Improvements and fixes

  • Sheet files have previews in apps like Files and Messages.
  • Adjustments throughout the interface for an updated look and feel.
  • External folders can now be hidden from the Library.
  • Fixed layout issues when large iPhones were rotated to landscape mode and back to portrait.

23.5 macOS SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

  • This update fixes a few stability issues that snuck into the previous version.

23.4 macOS SEPTEMBER 7, 2012

  • Fixed a crash that affected Chilean users due to the switch to Chile summer time.

23.3 AUGUST 30, 2021

  • This update fixes a few stability issues that snuck into the previous version.
  • Updated the icon for Ghost publishing.
  • Fixed the calculation of the weekly writing progress in the writing session history.
  • Fixed a bug where not all backups older than a month would be visible in the backups overview. iOS

23.2 AUGUST 23, 2021

  • Fixed a problem when opening sheets on older versions that were edited with Ulysses 23.
  • Updating a blog post on Ghost does not update the publishing date anymore.
  • Improved robustness of the editor for future operating system versions. iOS
  • Fixed a problem with some fonts in marked up text on macOS 10.14. macOS
  • Fixed a crash on launch. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when editing keywords. macOS

23.1 AUGUST 5, 2021

  • This update fixes a few stability issues that snuck into the previous version.

23 AUGUST 3, 2021

More Treats for Bloggers

  • Published blog posts now receive a little paper plane icon in the sheet list, making it easier for you to spot them.
  • A new widget in the dashboard will display a post’s publishing status, the chosen blogging platform, plus the date of its upload.
  • As a Ghost user, you can now update your previously published posts.
  • The publishing status of blog posts uploaded to WordPress, Ghost, and Medium is now synced across all of your devices.
  • We overhauled the session history of group writing goals — the calculation is now much more accurate and reliable.

22.2 MAY 21, 2021

  • Fixed missing featured image when updating blog post for some WordPress blogs.
  • Improved preview of ePub export for short sheets on iPad. iOS
  • Fixed a rendering issue when removing text with a block highlight. macOS
  • Fixed moving sheets using the ⌃⌘↑/↓ shortcuts in Favorites. macOS
  • Fixed resetting a built-in theme in Markup preferences. macOS
  • Improved support for Voice Control in the dashboard and the export preview. macOS

22.1 APRIL 6, 2021

  • Fixed a spurious error message shown when saving sheets.
  • Fixed a crash when adding older accounts.
  • Fixed a bug where the account overview appeared empty on iPad. iOS
  • Fixed a crash when using Scribble or dictation in Typewriter Mode iOS
  • Fixed a crash when using the keyword manager with hundreds of keywords. macOS

22 MARCH 22, 2021

The “Blogger’s Delight” Release


  • There is a new publishing integration: You can now upload posts to your account from within Ulysses.
  • WordPress publishing gained the option to update previously published posts.
  • You can now color-customize your group icons.
  • You can now display headings in the editor in a larger size.
  • The new default theme D22 demonstrates this new setting and lets you easily distinguish your headings.
  • The “New Sheet” button returned to the sheet list. iOS
  • Ulysses now remembers your last scroll position when switching between sheets. iOS
  • On iPad, double-tapping a sheet in the sheet list now opens the sheet instantly for editing. iOS
  • On iPad, we also added a setting to keep the editor active when switching between sheets. iOS
  • We revamped the look & feel of several panels, e.g., you can now type to filter in the markup and the navigation panel. macOS

Changes, Improvements & Fixes:

  • Added the system font “New York” to font selection.
  • Typewriter Mode was reworked to fit better with large images and headings.
  • The WordPress preview was updated to the new Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  • Improved the compatibility with gallery plugins under WordPress 5.
  • When publishing HTML posts to WordPress, the syntax for code blocks is now set correctly.
  • Numerous small bug fixes and improvements.
  • The shortcut ⇧⌘D now takes you to Favorites. iOS
  • Improved performance when switching between Ulysses and other apps. macOS
  • Improved VoiceOver support in various parts of the app. macOS
  • Fixed a couple of bugs that could cause display errors when editing block quotes or bookmarks. macOS
  • We changed the following shortcuts: ⌘9 now opens the markup panel, ⇧⌘D takes you to Favorites. macOS
  • The Quick Export panel now closes automatically after export has finished. macOS

21.7 iOS MARCH 5, 2021

  • This update fixes a bug that prevented selecting text using a trackpad or mouse on the iPad.

21.6 iOS MARCH 3, 2021

  • Fullscreen mode is not ended anymore when switching to another app on iPad.
  • Smart punctuation now works as expected when using text auto-completion.
  • Quick Open will now work correctly in the All and Last 7 Days filters.
  • Navigating to a link or footnote from the dashboard with typewriter scrolling active works as expected.
  • Fixed a number of crashes in revision mode.
  • Fixed a crash when returning from backups.

21.4 JANUARY 6, 2021

  • Fixes a crash when displaying note attachments on M1 Macs. macOS
  • Fixed swipe-from-left gesture when editing on iPhone. iOS

21.3 DECEMBER 17, 2020

  • This updates improves the display of trials inside the app.
  • Repeatedly saving exported files now suggests the right filename. macOS
  • Text alignment in PDF export is now correct on M1 Macs. macOS

21.2 DECEMBER 14, 2020

Lots of smaller fixes and improvements

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to rearrange sheets and groups.
  • Added custom VoiceOver rotor to navigate text check suggestions. iOS
  • All selected sheets are now exported when exporting in a new window. iOS
  • Reduced minimum width of main window. macOS
  • Editor focus is now restored when relaunching the app. ::maxOS::
  • The color of the “Filename” tag for external files can now be edited in Markup preferences. macOS


  • Improved error handling for text checker. iOS
  • Improved animations when navigating suggestions in revision mode. iOS
  • Improved navigation from dashboard to editor using VoiceOver. iOS
  • Improved text input when inserting Asian characters. iOS
  • Improved ePub previews on new iPhone devices. iOS
  • Improved selection behavior in Quick Open. macOS
  • Improved sheet preview when using one-line preview. macOS
  • Improved error handling for text checker. macOS
  • Improved switching between preference panes on macOS 10.14. macOS


  • Fixed hidden on-screen keyboard when rotating on some iPhone devices. iOS
  • Fixed truncated text counts in goal view. iOS
  • Fixed crash when switching apps while dashboard is open. iOS
  • Fixed various crashes when using text checker. iOS
  • Fixed crash when adding note attachment. iOS
  • Fixed crash when sharing sheets. iOS
  • Fixed truncated text counts in goal view. macOS
  • Fixed initial navigation window size when restarting the app. macOS
  • Fixed modification and creation dates when importing Evernote files. macOS
  • Fixed crash when switching between backups. macOS
  • Fixed crash when opening Markup preferences on M1 Macs. macOS

21.1 OCTOBER 20, 2020


  • Spelling suggestions now correctly recognise British English (blimey, how could we miss this!)
  • Optimized the app for the new iPhone screen sizes iOS


  • Solved an issue that prevented adding a new publishing accounts iOS
  • Entries in the goal history can now be deleted again iOS
  • Fixed incorrect spelling suggestions in words with diacritics iOS
  • Improved accessibility of pulldown menus on iOS 13 iOS
  • Fixed a crash when using password protection on iPad iOS
  • Fixed a crash activating a student subscription iOS
  • Lots of minor tweaks and improvements of revision mode iOS
  • The new D21 theme should now appear for all users. macOS
  • Scrolling in theme and style preferences now works on macOS 10.14. macOS
  • Export preview is no longer truncated on macOS 10.14. macOS
  • Revision mode now works more reliably with no internet connectivity or when editing multiple sheets. macOS
  • Fixed a crash when trying to add a goal for Markdown sheets. macOS

21 OCTOBER 6, 2020

The Parity Release

  • Ulysses 21 adds revision mode to iOS (including our advanced grammar and style check), and adapts the fresh new look of iOS 14 across the whole interface. iOS
  • Ulysses 21 moves revision mode into a dedicated view, adapts the fresh new look of macOS 11, and introduces a new app icon in the process. macOS


  • Introducing revision mode on iOS, combining in-text annotations and the system’s spell check. iOS
  • Revision mode also includes an advanced grammar and style check, which offers comprehensive suggestions in over 20 languages. iOS
  • The interface has been refreshed across the board, to leverage the look & feel of iOS 14. iOS
  • The app icon has been updated to reflect the new approach of universal, cross-platform icons. iOS
  • Introducing D21 as new default editor theme. iOS
  • Revision mode now has a dedicated view outside the dashboard. macOS
  • Revision mode has also been updated and refined based on user feedback. macOS
  • The interface has been refreshed across the board, to leverage the look & feel of macOS 11. macOS
  • Introducing “editor focus”; a new mode which hides all chrome and presents sidebars as overlays. macOS
  • Introducing a new app icon which reflects the new approach of universal, cross-platform icons. macOS
  • Introducing D21 as new default editor theme. macOS

Improvements and fixes

  • Sheet ordering could become lost on rarely used devices.
  • Fixed a bug where version history was not correctly preserved.
  • Fixed incorrect highlight of search matches in sheet list. macOS

20.2 JULY 30, 2020

  • Improved import of HTML and DOCX files.
  • Fixed various of crashes.
  • Reordering of sheets using drag & drop works as expected again. iOS
  • iPad: Added shortcuts ⌃⌘←/→ to navigate between dashboard views. iOS
  • Improved display of navigation items in the dashboard. iOS
  • Improved preview texts of navigation items in the dashboard. macOS
  • You can now drag text to the dashboard to create new notes. macOS
  • Fixed dashboard layout when scroll bars are always visible. macOS
  • Fixed problems when checking long texts. macOS
  • Spelling suggestions will no longer offer huge numbers of options. macOS

20 JULY 14, 2020

The Dashboard Release

  • Ulysses 20 introduces the dashboard – a slide-over/sidebar which serves as a statistics panel, a navigator, a comments section, and a media overview. iOS
  • Ulysses 20 introduces the dashboard – a user-configurable sidebar which serves as a statistics panel, a navigator, a comments section, a media overview, and an advanced multilingual text-, style- and grammar checker. macOS


  • Introducing the dashboard with quick access to statistics, navigation and attachments.
  • Navigation includes headlines, comments, media, links and footnotes.
  • Statistics include counters and reading time, as well as writing goals. iOS
  • Modernized keyboard menus for adding tags and special characters. iOS
  • Introducing revision mode, combining in-text annotations and the system’s spell check. macOS
  • Revision mode also includes an advanced grammar and style check, which offers comprehensive suggestions in well over 20 languages. macOS