At a Glance

Here is a comprehensive overview of everything Ulysses has to offer. For a less technical feature list, check out our “Best of”.

Focus & Productivity Mac iOS
Modern, Distraction-Free Interface
Localized Into 10 Languages English, German, Japanese, Chinese (Trad.), French, Spanish, Italian
Fully Accessible via VoiceOver
Themeable Editor
Fullscreen Mode
Dark Mode
Minimal Mode
Editor Split View
System Split View Support
Keyboard Navigation Navigate the entire application without leaving the keyboard.
Text Navigation Navigate directly to headings and bookmarks.
Typewriter Mode
Siri Shortcuts
3D Touch Actions
Shortcuts Integration
X-Callback URL Actions
Organization & Management Mac iOS
Unified Library
No Files, No Clutter
Touch ID / Password Protection
Full Version History
Backup & Restore
Keyword Manager
Keyword Favorites
Writing Goals
Writing Deadlines
Daily Goals
Live Statistics
Note Attachments
Image Attachments
Material Sheets
Spotlight Integration
Quick Open
Full-Text Search
Semantic Search Find all occurrences of headings, links, footnotes and other elements.
Share Extension Send texts and images from other apps directly to Ulysses’ library.
Group Icons
Library Focus
Sheet Sorting
Synchronization Mac iOS
Fully-Fledged iCloud Sync
No Setup Required
Feature Parity
Handoff Support
Synced Themes and Export Styles
Embed External Folders
Dropbox Integration (via External Folders)
Opened Files / External Files
Conflict Resolution
Export & Sharing Mac iOS
PDF Export
DOCX Export
Export Styles for PDF and DOCX
HTML Export with Adjustable CSS
Publish to WordPress
Publish to Medium
Publish to Ghost
ePub Export
Markdown Export
Fenced Code Blocks Support
RTF Export
Live-Updating Preview
Style Exchange
Send as Mail
Attach to Mail
Send to Other Apps
Write & Edit Mac iOS
Adaptive Environment Make text size and layout suit your preferences.
Use Custom Fonts
Grammar & Style Check in Over 20 Languages
Revision Mode
Search & Replace
Code Blocks
Code Syntax Highlighting
Split & Merge Split a text sheet at selection, or merge two sheets into one.
Glueing Glue text sheets together to make them behave as if they were one
Smart Tags
Smart Lists
Smart Copy/Paste
DOCX Import
Markdown Import
Evernote Import
Touch Bar Integration
Markup Panel/Buttons
Quick Access to Special Characters
TextExpander Support
Customizable Markup On iOS, you can use a custom markup but not create or change it.
TextBundle and TextPack
Window Tabs
Spell Check

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