Ulysses Beta Now Open

Back from the holidays, we’re full of energy and eager to embark on new endeavours. If you want, come join us on the first trip in 2019: Become a beta tester and try the forthcoming new Ulysses features!

We’re working on our next major release, Ulysses 15. Here are some of the new features you may expect.

  • Editor split view (Mac)
  • New keyword filtering (Mac)
  • Remote image preview
  • WordPress 5 support

If you’re up to some bug hunting, join our beta program!

Writer’s Fall Collection

Only for a Short Time: Ulysses T-Shirts!

Forget about long sleeve tops and hoodies; T-shirts are the new hot! Hiplength, short-sleeved, made from cotton or cotton blend, and garnished with a chest print created by designer Philip Ackermann, the new Ulysses shirts are must-haves for fashionable writers of all sexes.

Both T-shirts Ulysses Glyph and DNA are now available for pre-order with Cotton Bureau.

We were lucky to catch busy Philip at his desk, and asked him a couple of questions. Read …

Ulysses for iPhone XS Max

Artwork with Ulysses logo and iPhone XS Max

We’re excited to announce that Ulysses is now optimized for both iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR! Ulysses 14 on the super large super retina display of iPhone XS Max and XR – it’s a super-combo for your writing needs on the go.

The update is now available on the App Store – install it on your shiny new device and have fun!

Ulysses 14 on iOS: Let Siri Do Some Work for You

iOS 12 has arrived, and, on schedule, a new Ulysses version for iPad and iPhone! Ulysses now supports Siri shortcuts. Here is what you can do with it.

Do you keep a notebook or a diary in Ulysses, where you jot down ideas and reflections on a regular basis? Or is there a book project you keep coming back to? If you find yourself doing the same thing over and again in Ulysses, Siri shortcuts are for you. In Ulysses for iPad and iPhone, you can now add voice commands to selected recurring actions. Read …

Preview: Monitor Your Writing Performance

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? Until release, we’re revealing more and more details of the forthcoming features.

Exercising regularly, eating vegetarian, writing daily: Building a healthy habit requires commitment and discipline, and thus is no walk in the park (unless that’s the habit ?). Taking a break and reviewing the achievements you have already made will make you proud and help boost your determination to carry on.

In the next version of Ulysses (for Mac), all group writing goals will receive a dedicated history view visualizing the quantity of text written daily, for today and ten days back. You will also be able to check your best day’s performance and your daily average. If you want, you can even export the statistics for all days ever recorded as a CSV file for long-time documentation.

Preview: Highlight Your Code Syntax

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? Until release, we’re revealing more and more details of the forthcoming features.

Technical writers and developers, listen up again! The next version will not only significantly improve code blocks; to cap it all off, these code blocks will come with syntax highlighting! Ulysses will be able to recognize over 40 different programming languages and color their syntax. This works in both the editor and during export. The color palette – you know it from GitHub – is available in two versions for light and dark editor themes. For export, you’ll be able to adapt it to your needs by tweaking a Ulysses style sheets or CSS file.

Preview: Build a Daily Writing Habit

We’re going full steam ahead with Ulysses 13. So, what can you expect? During the coming weeks, we’re going to reveal more and more details of the new features in the forthcoming release.

Question: What can you do to become a better writer? Answer: Write. As with any other craft, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. But that’s not the only reason why writing daily is a good idea. It is also a great way to reflect our lives and actions, and achieve more clarity.

Soon, Ulysses can have your back while you build such a habit! The new version will give you the option to assign a daily writing goal to a group of yours. Once you have decided on a daily goal — 3000 characters, 500 words, 28 pages —, Ulysses will start tracking your progress, for every day, from day one.