Ulysses 18

We’ve just released Ulysses 18 to both the App Store and the Mac App Store. It is primarily a compatibility update to bring Ulysses up to speed with Apple’s recently released operating systems, namely iOS 13 and iPadOS. We’ve also added the ability to use Ulysses files in external folders, such as Dropbox. If you haven’t already, go grab the update, it’s free!

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Ulysses 18 Is Coming September 30th

After yesterday’s annual Apple event, we are happy to announce that Ulysses 18 is almost ready and will be shipping with the new OSes.

Following the announcement, we now know the dates of this year’s operating system releases: iOS 13 will be out next week, but we will have to wait until September 30th for iPadOS and even until October for macOS Catalina.

As we announced back in June, our OS support update will deeply integrate with the new system features, especially on iPad. That’s why it doesn’t make much sense to release Ulysses 18 before iPadOS ships. Delaying the release for Catalina, on the other hand, would leave an almost completed update shelved for a fairly long time. So we decided to publish Ulysses 18 together with iPadOS on September 30. Until then, the current version will run just fine on iOS 13.

By the way, iOS 13.1 will also be released on September 30. Given the pretty shaky beta phase this year, you might want to hold off updating your iPhone until then.

Back to School Sale, Rare Opportunity

So, have you got all the materials for the new term yet? If you’re a student and still in search for the right writing app for your assignments and papers, our Back to School sale is the perfect opportunity. Subscribe now to the annual plan and pay only half the price for the first year!

The offer is available for a limited time only. Oh, and you actually don’t have to be member of a university or college to make use of it; journalists, novelists and copywriters may save as well ?

To claim the offer, download Ulysses from the App Store or the Mac App Store. In the in-app store, choose the annual subscription plan with the discount.

To all students and scholars: Good luck for the new term! To everyone: Good luck with all your writing endeavours!

Ulysses 16: Ghost Publishing, iPad Split View

We have just released Ulysses 16 to both the App Store and the Mac App Store. Go grab the update, as it features a couple of fixes and improvements, as well as the option to publish your texts to Ghost.

For a full list of changes, please check the version history.

And speaking of changes, Ulysses 16 introduces something rather special to iPad: Split View aka Second Editor, and it’s so powerful and versatile, I’ll use the rest of this post for nothing else.

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Introducing the New Styles & Themes

Ulysses 15 has been published only a couple of days ago, but there’s more news! We’ve relaunched our platform for exchanging styles and themes, formerly know as the Ulysses Style Exchange. It’s got a new name – Styles & Themes –, a new look, and will hopefully make it a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for in terms of styles and themes.

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Ulysses 15 Released Today; Split View Ramblings

We have just released Ulysses 15 to the App Store and Mac App Store. Go grab it, if you haven’t already; there really is no reason to miss out.

Ulysses 15 features a couple of noticeable enhancements for images, search, and keywords. It also improves usability on several fronts and fixes a variety of bugs. If you‘re curious, you can read up the latest additions in our version history.

What I want to focus on today, is one particular new feature, which we are introducing to the macOS version: “Second Editor”, aka split view. It’s a good example of how we’re thinking with regards to new features, how our emphasis on design affects release schedules, and why sometimes stuff takes longer than anticipated. It also shows how much work actually goes into a seemingly simple feature, even one which, by default, is hidden from view (no pun).

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Preview: Your New Keyword Manager

Ulysses 15 is coming! We’re currently in the process of beta testing, smoothing and polishing the new version. In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the new features.

The new version adds a new way to search for sheets with specific keywords – you know that already. But that’s not all! Ulysses 15 will bring much more power to keywords (on Mac for starters): with a global keyword manager!

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Preview: Resizing Images for Export

Ulysses 15 is coming! We’re currently in the process of beta testing, smoothing and polishing the new version. In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the new features.

Those who add a lot of images to their texts, will rejoice about this handy new feature: With Ulysses 15, you’ll be able to set the size of an image in an exported document, from within the editor!

Specify the desired width or heigth of the image, et voilá! With Ulysses 15, manual resizing of your images for export will finally be a thing of the past.