Individual Group Icons


Did you know that Ulysses allows to customize your group icons? You can use them as visual labels for a better orientation in your text library. This option is available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, and when iCloud is enabled, the icons you selected for groups will sync and appear on all connected devices.

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Ulysses’ Styles Got a Makeover

Ulysses lets you export your texts to beautiful PDF or DOCX documents, fully formatted. With different styles available, you can easily achieve a suitable layout for your writings. We know tastes differ and that various text types call for different formatting options. For Ulysses 2.5 we revised the built-in styles thoroughly and added a few new ones. Here’s a wrap-up.

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Find Your Favorite Writing Font


It may be worth trying alternatives to your current writing font in Ulysses. Sarah explains why and introduces three of the team’s favorites.

When tasked with selecting a font for writing, most people tend to fall back on traditional choices such as Times New Roman, Courier or Garamond. These fonts are popular, since they come pre-installed on all of today’s computer systems, and they are good fonts, no doubt. So they get used a lot, and they have been around for quite a while. However, there is a broad variety of exciting fonts available today — fonts that can easily compare regarding quality, or that are even better suited for the task.

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