Sync Your Writing With Dropbox

In Ulysses 18, we built in the option to save Ulysses files in external folders (on iOS only Dropbox). That means, you can now make use of Ulysses’ complete feature set when working with these folders: from embedded images to annotations, attachments, writing goals and features – you name it!

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“It Was Just Ulysses for Me. And so Far, Zero Regrets”

Strategist in the games business by day, science fiction author by night – Matt Casamassina is a co-founder of the legendary, led the App Store games editorial team for almost a decade, and in addition to all that, helped found a games company. He has also published two novels and is married with three kids and two dogs. In our interview, Matt talks about his career, the difficulty of finding time for writing, and the unexpected link between games and novels.

Matt Cassamassina
Matt Casamassina

Please tell us something about you and your professional background.

I’m a writer, nerd, gamer. Big fan of science fiction, horror, and general fiction. Was raised on Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk. Fave video game of all-time is Metroid Prime. Been in the journalistic and now straight video game business for wayyy too long, but still loving every minute of it.

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Do More on Your iPad With Split View

The new Split View that Apple introduced with iPadOS allows users to view two app windows side by side. For Ulysses, Götz was in charge of the implementation. Read our interview to learn how to make best use of the new system feature.

Götz is a developer at Ulysses

Götz, you’ve added the new iPadOS Split View to Ulysses. Ulysses had its own split view feature before, where users could display two Ulysses editors next to each other. What’s better about the new Apple system feature?

The main advantage is that the new Split View allows creating entirely new Ulysses windows. With our custom split view, users were restricted to two windows (which were only shown in landscape orientation). With the new multitasking feature in iPadOS, users can create as many Ulysses windows as they want and not only show two Ulysses windows side-by-side, but also show these windows alongside other apps or as Slide Over windows.

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Augmented Text Editing on Mobile: The New iOS 13 Gestures

As Ulysses syncs your entire text library to all of your Apple devices, you can work anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone. Do you find text editing on mobile a little cumbersome? Then try out the following gestures Apple introduced with iOS 13 and change your mind 😉

Change the Cursor Position

Tap and hold the cursor until the cursor symbol appears bigger. Then drag the cursor to its new position and let it go.

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Ulysses Is Doing Your Lists Right

Here’s a small but useful improvement in Ulysses 17. You may already be aware that there’s a feature to automatically continue lists; you can activate it via “Edit” › “Replacements” › “Smart Lists”.

Now, with the latest version, the lists have become even smarter. If you update a list — by adding a new item, removing one, or changing its hierarchical level —, the ordinal numbers of the following items will be updated automatically. Yay!

Improved in Ulysses 17: Caption Your Images

Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty in a US travel blog or a sketch of the human DNA in a term paper on genetics: Images are part and parcel of many text genres. Granted, most people will recognize both the statue and the DNA – but in many other cases, an image caption is helpful or even necessary to give context to the subject at hand. Luckily, Ulysses 17 has improved the handling of captions in the app. 😜

The purpose of an embedded image is not always obvious. Captions can help here.
The purpose of an embedded image is not always obvious. Captions can help here.
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Writers, Get Organized! Use More Keywords!

With Ulysses version 17 we have improved working with keywords: The keyword manager is now also available on iPad and iPhone, plus you can define favorite keywords. It is the perfect timing to once again recommend the keyword feature to all Ulysses writers out there: If you’re not yet using keywords, you should probably start today!

Screenshot of the keyword manager on iPad
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Content Strategist Kelly Wade: “I Decided to Use My Skills to Help People”

Kelly Wade is an independent content strategist and copywriter from Australia. Graduated in forensics and chemistry and holder of a PhD, Kelly worked for the Australian government before she decided to switch careers. Finding the balance between the demands of her writing and strategy business and her obligation as a mother of two young children is not always easy. Still, Kelly enjoys the freedom to dispose of her time, and to work with businesses that sell products and services that really help their customers. Read more in our interview.

Portrait of Kelly Wade
Kelly Wade

If you want to know how Kelly is making use of Ulysses, and which other apps and tools are essential to her workflow, hang on: Kelly will share information about this here in a couple of days.

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

I would describe myself as a creator. At the moment, I spend most of my time creating things with words — copy, web content, marketing strategies, epic fantasy, children’s picture books and gardening books. But my creative pursuits aren’t restricted to the written word. For instance, I also illustrated all three of my picture books, I create images for my patrons on Patreon, I took all the photos for my upcoming gardening book and in a past life I created new chemicals.

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