Ulysses 18 Is Coming September 30th

After yesterday’s annual Apple event, we are happy to announce that Ulysses 18 is almost ready and will be shipping with the new OSes.

Following the announcement, we now know the dates of this year’s operating system releases: iOS 13 will be out next week, but we will have to wait until September 30th for iPadOS and even until October for macOS Catalina.

As we announced back in June, our OS support update will deeply integrate with the new system features, especially on iPad. That’s why it doesn’t make much sense to release Ulysses 18 before iPadOS ships. Delaying the release for Catalina, on the other hand, would leave an almost completed update shelved for a fairly long time. So we decided to publish Ulysses 18 together with iPadOS on September 30. Until then, the current version will run just fine on iOS 13.

By the way, iOS 13.1 will also be released on September 30. Given the pretty shaky beta phase this year, you might want to hold off updating your iPhone until then.

A Word About Apple’s OS Betas

In Short: Don’t Install iOS 13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina

During the last couple of weeks, quite a few people contacted us about crashes, hangs and other problems with Ulysses on devices running the beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. We’ve been asked a couple of times if we couldn’t offer a beta version of Ulysses that works fine on the new OSes. Unfortunately, for the time being, we can’t.

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Ulysses 13 Is Coming – Beta Testers Wanted

During the last weeks and months, we spent a lot of time fixing bugs, improving performance, cleaning up and assuring the quality of our apps. We have, of course, also been working on new features during that time:

  • Colored keywords
  • Daily goals and deadlines
  • Code blocks (!) with syntax highlighting (!!)

Do you want to help us ensure the functionality and usability of the new features and ship a new shiny Ulysses version with as few bugs as possible? All you need to do is fill out the application form. Registration closes April 20, 2018, so don’t wait too long. Many thanks in advance!

Apply for the Ulysses 13 beta program!

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Boom: Ulysses is App Store Best of 2015!

Yesterday in the late afternoon, an office in Leipzig. The sun has already set, a couple of developers are writing code, and it seems nothing can disturb their immersion… Then, suddenly, the sound of an incoming email. A short pause, the silence breaks.

The subject line reads »Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Aufnahme in die Bestenliste des App Store im Rahmen der Aktion „Das Beste aus 2015“«. (Obviously someone at Apple knows we’re German.)


Every December, Apple selects the best apps of the closing year. For developers like us, this is one of the greatest appreciations of our work we can get. Of course there is always hoping to be on one of those lists, but you can never know. When it actually happens, it’s just incredible!

We’re excited and honored and proud, especially to have received this award for the second time now. The first time in 2013 was when the new Ulysses was first released. Since then, we have been constantly polishing, improving and expanding. It feels so great to see this being rewarded! I believe all fellow developers who also became Best of 2015 enjoy the same – congratulations to them, too!

2015 was a fabulous year for us, we’ve had a couple of great releases and received a lot of awesome feedback. As the award is completing the year for us, our special thanks go to you, our users. Because without you, Ulysses would not be what it is today. Thank you. You’re the best!

2016 won’t be anything less exciting: We will finally see Ulysses on iPhone!

Ulysses Is Coming to iPhone And iPad Pro – And There’s a Beta

If you’re one of the (what feels like) thousands of people that “occasionally” nagged us on Twitter or via email, you probably know that we have been working on an iPhone version since May. Yep, May. You might also have asked for iOS 9 Split View support. Or you’re now a proud owner of an iPad Pro and are rightfully wondering when Ulysses will be optimized for that, too. Well…

Ulysses for iOS Beta

…there is finally an answer to all your questions: We will bring Ulysses to iPhone. And iPad Pro. And optimize it for iOS 9. Yes, Split View. Yes, Slide Over. Yes, Spotlight, Sharing Extension and Discoverability. Yes, Medium export will also come to iPad. And iPhone. And iPad Pro. Yes, it will be a universal app: One purchase, install on every mobile device. Yes, it will be a free update for existing customers.

And yes, there is a beta. Now. Today. Well, at least the registration for it – testing itself will begin next week. All you need to do is to apply here.

We have no release date to announce yet. If all goes well and depending on the feedback we get during the test, we hope to have is generally available in the first quarter of 2016. Until then: Thank you all for your support and care!

Teammates Wanted!

A couple of weeks ago we’ve moved to a brand new office here in Leipzig. And you know what? There are some desks still to be taken!

Leipzig Office

The last months were amazing for us as a company, with a couple of great releases and bringing Ulysses – finally! – to iPad. (We’ve also received a great amount of wonderful, very motivating feedback – thanks again.)

But we’ve still got so many plans for Ulysses! That’s why, as an exception, this blogpost is not mainly directed to writers, but to developers and designers, who are keen to help us make Ulysses an even better writing app. So, do you happen to be either one and live in Leipzig or Hamburg (or can imagine to do so)? Are you up to becoming part of The Soulmen’s friendly, funny, mixed-age, mixed-gender, multi-national team? If your answers are both times yes, you should check out our job offers:

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Ulysses 2.0 is Coming March 12

We have been looking forward to this day just as much as many of you. Our inboxes have been flooded in recent weeks by people asking us to stop teasing and finally announce a release date. Thank you all for your excitement, here is your answer:

Ulysses 2.0 for Mac and iPad will both be released next Thursday, March 12.

Ulysses for iPad will be priced at US $19.99 (or £14.99 / 19,99 €, respectively).
Ulysses for Mac will be a free update for existing users, pricing unchanged otherwise.

Which leaves us with six more days. How about shortening that time with the App Preview we made for the iPad version? ;-)

Coming Soon: Ulysses for Mac 2.0

There is something besides Ulysses for iPad that we haven’t spoken about yet: Ulysses for Mac, version 2.0. Yes, not only will it have a new icon, we’re also saying goodbye to the III. From now on, it’s just Ulysses. For Mac. For iPad. For iPhone (there, we said it).

Expect a complete visual overhaul. Most parts of the interface have been re-arranged and redesigned, especially Quick Export, Attachments and Favorites – for a more intuitive handling and greater convenience. But don’t worry, it’s still the Ulysses you know and love. Just better and more beautiful.

Ulysses for Mac 2.0

Designwise, Ulysses for Mac will fully embrace Apple’s latest concepts and guidelines. It will require OS X 10.10 Yosemite and blend in organically, feeling right at home.

Last but not least, the update takes one of our core ideas – the library’s comprehensive accessibility – to the next level. Ulysses for Mac 2.0 will offer full synchronization with Ulysses for iPad, and both apps are going to be released simultaneously.

Oh: And yes, it will be a free update!

Secret Santa Is Bringing You Stickers

These are exciting times. Ulysses will soon be getting a little brother (or sister, who knows?) for iPad, while the Mac version is going to celebrate its second anniversary only a few months from now. Our ideal conception has always been to make Ulysses your place to write no matter where you are. Bringing it to iPad means a great leap forward towards turning this into reality.

A New Icon

Time to Say Goodbye
Ulysses-U: Time to Say Goodbye

Which brings us to the stickers: Since we’re doing a big leap anyway, we decided to take the chance and get a fresh visual overhaul as well. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the good old Ulysses-U. Did you know it’s resembling an ancient greek harp touching on the Ulysses odyssey, while still forming the letter U? If you didn’t, then never mind. After staring at it for 14 years now, we decided it was time for a change.

Coming the big release day, Ulysses for Mac and iPad will ship with shiny new icons. We teamed up with the fabulous Jono Hunt to do a completely new take on what could represent a writing app called “Ulysses”. After three months of drawing, discussing and tweaking, the results are … secret. Well, sort of …

And Secret Stickers

But since it’s Christmas, here’s your chance to still see them ahead of time. All you need to do is to write us a picture postcard to the following address, we’ll then send you back some stickers! (And don’t forget to include your own address.)

The Soulmen GbR
Münzgasse 1
04107 Leipzig

Please be a little patient with Santa, he agreed to drop by at our office after the holidays…

We’re looking forward to an overflowing mailbox!
Happy holiday season to everyone!

Attention: Upgrading to iCloud Drive in iOS 8 Will Prevent Syncing

Update: If you upgraded to OS X 10.10 Yosemite and are having problems with iCloud Drive, please read our recent post “Problems With iCloud Drive? Here Is What You Can Do”.

Ulysses users relying on iCloud sync of various machines or with the iOS app Daedalus Touch: Please do not upgrade to iCloud Drive on your iPhone or iPad. In case you upgrade to iCloud Drive after installing iOS 8, you will no longer be able to sync your texts stored in Ulysses running on OS X Mavericks! iCloud Drive is a new storage system that syncs with the yet to be released OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system only.

In order to prevent syncing problems, please make sure to select “Not now”, when asked if you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive during the iOS 8 installation process.
iCloud Drive

There is no workaround and no way to undo this change: Once you upgraded to iCloud Drive on any of your mobile devices, syncing will only work with devices that run iOS 8 or OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Please also note that this applies to all apps relying on iCloud syncing. For more details, please refer to this article by Realmac’s Nik Fletcher.

PS: This post was updated on September 24, 2014 to take into account that not only users of the iOS app Daedalus Touch but all Ulysses users relying on iCloud sync are affected by this problem.