Chinese Author Hailong Hao: “If a Thing Is Worth Writing and Only I Can Write About It, Then Putting It Into Words Is My Responsibility”

Hailong Hao is a jack of all trades. He earns a living as a teacher, but also hosts a blog and a podcast. As a translator, he was responsible for the Chinese version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm; as a writer, he recently published his debut novel. In our interview, Hailong talks about his desire to express himself through fictional texts, and the switching of roles between translator and writer.

Please tell us something about you and what you are working on.

My name is Hailong Hao. I am originally from China, but I live in Canberra, Australia’s capital. Canberra is a city planned from scratch and constantly reminds me of Trantor, the capital city in the Galactic Empire series by Isaac Asimov.

Hailong Hao (Chinese: 郝海龙)

Teaching is my bread and butter. I coach students for GRE and SAT (GRE and SAT are admission tests for grad schools/colleges in North America), and I teach logic and rhetoric courses that prepare scholars to study abroad. In China, people know me as a podcaster of BitVoiceFM and KeepCalmPodcast and as the translator of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I also define myself as a writer. In my spare time, I write poems, lyrics, and, occasionally, reflective essays on technology. Although my current work engagement doesn’t allow me to write full-time, I still manage to find the time. In the future, I’d like to flourish and grow as a writer.

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