From the Lab: A Call for Styles

Style Exchange

Hi there,

this is Style from the Ulysses Style Exchange. Ok, just kidding, but here’s the deal: We’re in the final stages now, and the Style Exchange should go live within the next two weeks.

In order to offer our users a couple of styles to download from the get-go, we need, uhm, styles. Your styles.

So if you have created an export style for Ulysses III and would like to share, now’s the time to step up, attach it to an email, and drop us a line – no questions asked.

It doesn’t matter which export format you’ve chosen to support, by the way. If we get 100 styles for PDFs and none for ePub, so be it.

Just make sure to include your name, so we can give proper credit.

Please note, that we can’t offer any incentive here, besides being among the first to have your styles featured on the Ulysses Style Exchange. And while this may not mean much to some, it may mean the world to others.

You may also get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve helped test and ultimately build the world’s greatest and most important website for exchanging Ulysses’ style files.

Because that’s what this will be. Ultimately.

So, yeah, styles. Your styles. Attach to email. Send to us. Make the world a nicer place.

Have fun,

From the Lab: NaNoWriMo, here we come

ulysses iii writing goals

You know, ever since we launched Ulysses, people were asking for writing goals. Like… not as in “give me a reason to write, I don’t know what I want to accomplish, if I want to be an author at all, if I want to create a novel, a screen play or just brainstorm all day long”, but in that good old trivial sense of “oh dear, your app makes me write so much with such an ease, I’m loosing track of time and my character limit”.

And we said: “Haha, dear user, we hear you, but why don’t you just write down your character limit someplace, and then check the character count and compare the two? A little math no harm doth, see?”

But the users answered: “We want progress! No, we mean… we want to check progress! No, wait, we want… aw, screw you, give me writing goals or give me death! That’s a deliberate twist of a Patrick Henry quote I pulled from a Frank Miller comic, by the way.”

And we said: “Whut?”

And so it went, for more than a decade. And many a moon passed over NaNoWriMo and its crazy 50.000 words minimum, with no harm doneth in a little math doneth. Writers wrote, and writers mathematized, and no goals, no deaths, no more Patrick Henry quotes.

But the seed… the seed was planted. And seeds grow after they can.

And so, without any further ado (but, quite frankly, only because I’ve almost reached my 1500 character limit), we hereby announce writing goals for Ulysses III 1.2 – and no, these are NOT “in the works”, but already done.

And I… I am done, too. See?

From the Lab: Editing Keywords on Multiple Sheets

multi sheet multi keyword

One of the most requested features since launch has been: “Let me edit keywords for multiple sheets at once.”

And we nodded. And nodded. And said it was coming. Because it was sketched, and mocked up, and laid out since waaaaaaaay before the initial release. It didn’t make it into 1.0, and it then got buried someplace between a sheet list rework and the option to actually *show* keywords in the sheet list in the first place.

So, with 1.2, we will finally enable keyword editing for multiple sheets at once – right from the sheet list. Select some sheets. Bring up the contextual menu. Select “Keywords…”. Edit away.

Keywords that are present on all sheets, will be available in the familiar keyword editing field. Adding a keyword will apply it to all selected sheets. Keywords that are only present on some sheets, will be shown in a list below, unaffected from any editing.

If you want to apply any of the grey keywords to all selected sheets, click on it. Bam! ;)

It’s the simple things…

Change in plans: Announcing Ulysses 1.2, with a twist

Sheet table rework

As mentionened on Twitter, we hit a road block with preparing Ulysses III for its mobile counterpart. To ensure seemless compatibility, we had to refactor the sidebars to an unforseen extent, which made us loose quite a lot of time that was meant to be spent on version 1.2 for desktop.

So in order to get 1.2 out the doors, we were left with the following options: Either pause porting Ulysses III to iOS, or pause creating the Style Exchange, or pause developing the blog exporter. Or, well, simply continue and push the planned release date back a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, it was a tough decision, but we finally went for option three: Pause the blog exporter.

This is stupid insofar as we announced 1.2 “for the bloggers”, but the other options would have been far worse: Pushing back release would not bring the blog exporter anytime sooner. Halting the iOS port would mean pushing back the planned iOS release for quite some time, since we need to consider WWDC, holidays, etc.

And halting the Style Exchange would mean removing all of the new Theme & Style stuff from 1.2, essentially pushing its release back to the next version.

So, no blog exporter in 1.2, but…

On Twitter, we also said 1.2 would be a cool update still. And we believe it will. Besides making Theme editing far easier and introducing the Style Exchange, we have added tons of user requests, such as sorting the sheet table and display of creation dates. We have added the option to display keywords right within the sheet table, edit keywords for multiple sheets, and introduced an option to set the amount of preview lines being displayed – it’s 1 to 6, just so you know.

We have also added some much needed fixes to how the editor responds to sidebar selection, so Ulysses is now more in line with how behaves. And we have have added writing targets/goals to sheets among other things, but that’s another post altogether.

1.2 is slated to hit the App Store in April. Yay!

Also announcing: Ulysses Style Exchange (no, for real this time)

Export Themes

Since the question popped up on Twitter: While we’re working on Ulysses for iOS, we’re of course continuing work on Ulysses III/Mac. One of the projects that’s been lingering for some time now, is the Ulysses Style Exchange – our proposed online space to publish and download export styles.

Cool thing is, it’s already been started. We hope to move into beta by the end of March, and have a full site ready come April. We’ll see.

But since styles are only half the fun, we’ll also include a Theme Exchange. So you’ll be able to up- and download themes as well as styles. And for that, we’ll be issuing a 1.1.3 sometime soon, which will allow for simpler theme creation, management, palette changes, the good stuff.

Check the screen. It’s pre-alpha footage, but already running at 60 FPS…

This one’s for the Bloggers: Announcing Ulysses 1.2, XML-RPC Edition

Blog Prefs

UPDATE: Change in plans…

Oh, folks, here we go again. Another day, another announcement. This one marks a slight change in direction for your favorite text editor, as from now on, we will focus major releases around certain use cases.

That’s a mouthful, alright, so let me elaborate.

If 1.0 was the foundation, 1.1 was the house. And with 1.2, we’re starting to decorate the rooms. And we will do so one room at a time.

First room: The Bloggers’ room.

The next update will see us leveraging the metaWeblog XML-RPC API, to plug Ulysses III right into your favourite blogging engines.

So whether you’re running a self-hosted blog or are using an online-service such as, chances are high that 1.2 will allow you to publish your work directly from within the app. No more copy and paste, no more switching between browsers, you know the drill, you hate it as much as everybody else.

But we won’t stop there. Among other things, we will add support for sheet meta data (yay!) and additional image attributes. So, yes, we will finally let you set the width, height and… classes and IDs of images.

Classes. IDs.

There’s more to this, but I guess you already wish the update was closer than it appears. Patience, my friends, patience.

Announcing Ulysses Mobile, nothing to see, please move along

That’s a comeback, eh? BOOM, Mama said knock you out, and if you’re still standing, you didn’t get the headline.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will slowly push news and infos about our progress on Ulysses for iOS. We have next to nothing else to announce at the moment, except for the fact that we have started porting the editor.

Right now, we’re not even 100% sure, if we can pull this off. But it’s looking good.

What does this mean for Daedalus? Nothing. Daedalus is alive and well, and yes, yes, everybody would say that, but Ulysses Mobile will be a completely different beast. Both in functionality and appearance.

You’ll see.

This is exciting, folks…

1-up: タイトル:日本語ユーザの皆様へ

Ulyssesの最新リリース、Ulysses III 1.1をご案内します。

Ulysses III 1.1は、ローカライズを専門とするWordcraftsチームによってそれぞれの言語に翻訳されました。ドイツを拠点とするThe Soulmenチームが情熱と信念を注いで作り上げたこのUlysses IIIの素晴らしさを日本語バージョンにも遺憾なく反映させることができるように、*魂を*こめました。ホントですよ。
Ulysses III 1.1は、まもなくMac App Storeに登場します!

ゆかり for Wordcrafts

1-up: Grandi novità!

Ciao a tutti!

Cosa? Un articolo in italiano in questo blog? Eppure Ulysses, putroppo, è solo in inglese… Avete ragione: lavorare con un’app non tradotta nella propria lingua, a volte, è seccante e i nostri Soulmen lo sanno bene. Ma sanno anche che le cose fatte in fretta raramente riescono, e la localizzazione di un’app è un lavoro che non si può certo improvvisare. Per questo hanno chiesto a noi di Wordcrafts di aiutarli, e l’abbiamo fatto con grande piacere! Il risultato? Reggetevi forte: in ottobre avrete la vostra versione in italiano!

Wow! Non è fantastico? Ci abbiamo messo tutto il nostro impegno e la nostra passione e siamo convinti che piacerà anche a voi.

Mi raccomando, tenete d’occhio il Mac App Store e non lasciatevi scappare Ulysses III 1.1!


Luca per Wordcrafts